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Garden Sculptures

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Bespoke kitchens. We create stunning contemporary solid wood kitchens units to meet the demands of modern living and enhance your life.

Handmade Kitchens

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Find simple, environment friendly and weatherproof log furniture to adorn your beautiful garden and make it look more attractive and inviting.

Handmade Log Furniture

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Whether you are looking for a classic dresser, solid wood TV stand or handmade office furniture you will find the ideal piece of furniture to suit your home.

Handmade Wooden Furniture

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Handcrafted farmhouse and country style furniture, including pine dining tables, handmade chairs, and rustic wooden beds.

Farmhouse Furniture

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Looking for garden furniture that will sit in harmony with the natural, rugged landscape of your rural garden, then our range of rustic furniture is just right for you.

Rustic Garden Furniture

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If you are looking to modernise your pub garden with bespoke outdoor furniture we can help you find the right stylish outdoor pub furniture to suit your needs.

Pub Garden Furniture

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Handmade luxury garden gazebos and wooden log shelters, perfect for your garden and outdoor entertaining. Find out more!

Luxury Gazebos

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Take a ticket to nature and enjoy effective wood fires. Lighting a fire is easy and simple with our selection of wood-burning products.

BBQ Eco-grill

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Wooden outdoor candles are perfect for windy weather, summertime on the beach or in snowy winter conditions. Maximum visual effect is achieved in windy and dusky conditions.

Windproof Candles

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Luxury handcrafted wooden sculptures made by experienced crafters from selected high quality material. Suitable for a wide range of locations

Garden Sculptures

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Building a modern garden area takes a lot of time and creativity. When complete, your space should reflect who you are and your love of gardening.

Design Garden Furniture

read more Design Garden Furniture Wooden garden furniture

All our park benches are manufactured from strong Scandinavian pine and are competitively priced, with a wide selection of options in our standard range.

Rustic Garden Benches

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Advantages of using bespoke furniture

Decorating your home and its surroundings can be exciting and full of fun. Selecting beautiful and unique pieces to be added to the room or garden can be both thrilling and fulfilling experience as it allows you to showcase your personality and style. Every last bit of furniture in your home design ideas is a representative of you, no matter whether it is a tiny corner table or kitchen furniture or beer garden furniture, it all adds to create an overall mood, appearance and atmosphere. Bespoke furniture is one of its kind, gives you complete control and you can choose your own material.

Why you should select from our bespoke furniture collection?

The modern rustic pub garden furniture does not necessarily have to be large hefty lumps of ugly wood. The modern bespoke furniture can be manufactured from solid wood and contain sleek contemporary lines along with a variety of finishes.

Get durability and quality with our rustic furniture. Our exquisite collection of outdoor garden furniture sale UK is known to be strong and solid. Any item of the bespoke furniture can be made and even the finish can be rustic rather than the actual one. We offer a myriad of solid rustic furniture items and they simply look awesome whichever room they have designated to them. For instance, a large bookcase would look stunningly appealing situated in the living room or a rustic TV stand of solid wood would not look out of place in your lounge.

Our rustic furniture is a collection of rough wooden items lightly dressed and they look tremendous in the correct setting. Our bespoke furniture can range from a simple bench seat to a far much more elaborate ornate piece such as a bedroom ottoman. You can select from a simple and plain to fancy and ornate modern rustic pub garden benches, but all the rustic furniture items share one thing in common in that they are made from solid wood such as Oak or Pine.